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Earn Bitcoin while browsing or playing? or Make money while playing

Do you know you can earn bitcoin while browsing??

You can earn bitcoin and make money while browsing to your facebook or checking your email account or you can just leave your pc while browser is open and the your earning won't stop, you can just download below.
or download here for browser plugin in google chrome and mozilla firefox.

 Do you know you can earn as much as like this amount! 1.89 BTC well check the exact amount of BTC below.

check the current value of btc in USD$ dollar BTC to USD

Isn't great? making extra income without investing money unlike some scum company investing without knowing if it is real or not or let say "so true" a promise that it will increase you investment. So, by doing this, it is really safe because you are not investing in this just follow my instructions on how to install:

> For PC / Laptop users !

Installation Steps:
1.) Just download it here
2.) Then click + ADD TO CHROME OR FIREFOX AND MINE BIT COIN (it depends what browser you use)
after you click a windows appear then click
- for Chrome ( Add extension then skip for MyBit Search then new tab appear for extension, there are 5 next steps to done)
- for Mozilla Firefox ( click allow then it will download and install after that click add then click OK)

Now for the first Earnings:
While your browser is open it is now starting mining bitcoin
For the second you can boost your mining if you want to maximize your time when not in using you pc, see image below

Now for the 3rd Earnings:
and not only that you can multiply your earning in mining by telling a friend or by referrals to make your mining faster and you can now invite your friends using your link (url) given it, example :
click copy url then share it to your friends,
used it to invite your friends and start making money, the more you invite the bigger you earn bitcoin in no time. see figure below

This is the great thing ever because it has up to level 10 earnings of your referrals and now you can maximize again your earning, see below the percentage of each level become:

Level 1: You earn 15% of their earning.
Level 2 (anyone from level 1 invite a person): You earn 10% of their earning.
Level 3: 5%
Level 4: 3%
Level 5: 2%
Level 6: 1%
Level 7: 0.5%
Level 8: 0.25%
Level 9: 0.125%
Level 10: 0.0625%. 

the more you invite the bigger your group will be and the more income to come.. So what are you waiting for download now 

or download here for browser plugin in google chrome and mozilla firefox.

By the way in order to claim you earned bitcoin you must have an "e wallet" for the cryptocurrencies like register here and there you can have your wallet address use to claim your earned bitcoins.
Or create account here binance to deposit your earned altcoins then make a tradings if you wanna make it bigger.

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